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Provide comprehensive technology solutions for domestic and foreign businesses.

Offshore Department

Is one of the important departments of OWS Vietnam. The Souzou department provides information technology solutions for enterprises with high quality human resources, convincing demanding markets to assess product quality.



Labo is a form of project development by providing clients with a stable, professional and highly qualified Offshore team, so that the client has full authority to manage and decide on the development related to the project.
Labo is a very popular form of offshore development nowadays.


Starting from a technology research company, which has dealt with problems to satisfy millions of users, we are confident in consulting and developing from simple websites to complex systems according to customers requirements, ensuring good quality and high performance.


Along with the rapid growth of mobile devices, mobile apps are becoming more and more essential and become a global trend.
OWS has extensive experience in consulting and developing mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms in many fields such as education, health, services, e-commerce, …


With more than 6 years of research on realtime and streaming, OWS confidently mastered the related technologies considered as the core technologies of the company such as Streaming, Realtime, Cloud, IoT.
OWS is capable of designing technology solutions from the network to the application to meet the needs of customers.


To carry out the mission of researching and applying technology to improve the quality of life, OWS with a young, enthusiastic and creative team, we are constantly researching and developing new technologies to catch up with the world’s trends such as AI, AR, VR, BigData, ….
From research results, OWS has the ability to solve many new and diverse problems from customers.

Feedback of the partners

Bestsolutions. JSC
Bestsolutions. JSCKondo Kazunori / Founder CEO
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"In my opinion, the core point that brings success to offshore projects is 'Quality'. 'Quality' comes from 3 elements: good communication ability, technical ability to realize requirements and the spirit of wanting to understand the project to create the best systems for users. OWS not only does all of the above 3 things, but also shows the spirit of progressive improvement in the course of our work. OWS is an important partner who has supported us a lot."
Worldlink. JSC
Worldlink. JSCMurata Shinichi / Founder CEO
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"When choosing a partner in Vietnam, we discussed with many companies before deciding to choose OWS. OWS employees are truly elite, humble and have a good work ethic. When there are unexpected requirements changes that affect the project a lot, but you can still flexibly handle it quickly and effectively. Whenever we have problems with solutions to implement, OWS always brings out appropriate options to create good quality. Thanks to OWS, we have been able to implement a lot of new projects. "
Sharewis. JSC
Sharewis. JSCTsujikawa Tomoki / Co-founder CEO
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"With a high level of technology, OWS has fulfilled the requirements given to our expectation. In particular, OWS is a company that has a lot of know-how about video, so for a video-related application development company like us, you are a very reliable partner. Moreover, your Japanese in daily communication via slack, web meeting is also very good, absolutely no problems. We look forward to continuing our long-term cooperation with OWS. "

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